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iDebate: I debate, therefore I learn 2017-2019

Vizite: 2200
Bulevardul Take ionescu, nr. 40 , 300042
Email: contact@i-debate.eu
Web: https://i-debate.eu
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The problem which this project seeks to address is the small participation rate of young people in the democratic process.The Flash Eurobarometer Survey2013, by the European Commission: European Youth: Participation in Democratic Life showed that for respondents aged 15 to 30, where voting is concerned, the most common reason for voting is trust in the importance of democracy, while the most common reason not to vote is the belief that it will not change anything. Another important find of the eurobarometer is that participation in activities run by various organisations have a positive impact on interest in politics or elections.

Therefore, the aim that we want to achieve through this project is an increase in youth participation in various forms of democratic expression, and promote active citizenship as an important first step for any progress in society, by engaging them in a dialogue about current European and global priorities. To be efficient in this endeavor we will include an important online approach, in order to reach our target group where they are most active and eager to express themselves: on the internet.Our target group for the project activities are high-school and university students (young people who are first-time voters). In order to reach the stated aim of the project we undertake to achieve in the project duration for our main target group, a raised awareness, skills development and an increased sense of European identity. iDebate Topics

Active citizenship and its role in sustainable development
Active citizenship and solidarity European Solidarity Corps
Digital active citizenship modern civic participation
Active citizenship and voting understanding the EU institutions and the legislative procedure
The importance of critical thinking in the information era.

International events

Budapest (preparatory meeting, Hungary), Maribor (Slovenia), Petrinja (Croatia), Lisbon (Portugal) and Timisoara (Romania)

Start Date: 01-08-2017
End Date: 31-01-2019
Duration in months: 18
Countries: Romania, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Portugal Activity: Strand2: Democratic engagement and civic participation Sub-Activity: Civil society projects
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